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Why Talk radio?

Talk radio is a dynamic medium with an audience of actively engaged listeners. They tune in daily tobestdealyet hear what the host is talking about, often regarding him as an old friend and trusted advisor. That’s why the relationships that hosts have established with listeners constitute a strong third-party endorsement for their guests.

We love talk radio! In fact, our CEO hosts his own weekly show on the AMFM 24/7 Broadcasrting Netrwork.

As a guest on talk radio, you speak directly to an audience that’s tuned in to hear you. Unlike the commercials, which cut into the entertainment, you are the entertainment. Radio show formats touch on every aspect of life, from finance to diet, to politics, lifestyles and sports.

The potential audience is huge. These shows are heard on both AM/FM dials in cities across America. Some are syndicated, which means they are air on more than one station.

Consider the numbers.  Despite increased competition from on-demand entertainment and digital music, radio still reaches 92% of American consumers every week.  That is a higher penetration than television, print, or the Internet.  Listeners continue to turn to radio for news, music, and entertainment.

Just like any other medium, it is critical to know your audience when pitching radio.  Get to know your local stations and reach out to the reporters and producers.  Live radio demands a lot of content. Stations are constantly looking for talk show guests and experts to comment on news stories.  Radio producers crave content that is timely, relatable, and useful for their audience.

The immediacy of radio offers a unique opportunity for potential guests. A taped interview can be on the air within the hour.  There are no print deadlines to contend with or photo shoots to schedule.  In addition to broadcast, the content you provide may also be published on the radio station’s website and social media platforms – giving you more “bang for your buck.”

Local radio is a forgiving medium – it’s okay to make mistakes.  Even if you’re not a polished interviewee, put yourself out there and gain valuable experience.  You will be a media pro in no time!




We will produce and publish a Youtube Video for you promoting your Book, Product or Service. It will be professionally made in our in-house Television Studio.


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What We Do

Day to day, Your Publicity Company, Inc. looks for money backopportunities to deliver appropriate messages to their audiences. This may include planning events or speaking engagements. We will be "pitching" story ideas to reporters to get them interested in covering subjects important to your client or company.

We work on the strategy of an overall communications program-in essence. For example, consumer products companies may launch new products or product campaigns to tie in with particular holidays or other dates important to the retail industry.

Your Publicity Company, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AMFM 24/7 Broadcasting Network.

money backIf you are promoting a Book or Product, our clients get FREE radio Ads played across the AMFM 24/7 Broadcasting Network. These Ads would regularly cost in excess of what you are paying for our Publicity Service, and as a YPC client, they are 100% FREE!



Origin of Public Relations

test "When I came back to the United States from the war, I decided that if you could use propaganda for war, you could certainly use it for peace. Propaganda got to be a bad word because of the Germans using it, so what I did was to try to find some other words. We found the words Counsel on Public Relations"

by: Edward Bernays, the self-appointed "Father" of Public Relations

Purpose of Public Relations

Public relations has a point and purpose which are to sway people to do what you want. It’s that fundamental.

It is to influence specific decision makers to do what you want them to do.

Public Relations Trends

Advertising dollars in traditional media productions have declined and many traditional media outlets are seeing declining circulation in favor of online and social media news sources.

Increasingly, companies are utilizing social media channels, such as blogs and Microblogging. Social media has increased the speed of breaking news, creating greater time constraints on responses to current events.