Nicole Chidester is an established marketing and sales professional. She's worked for over 10 years driving sales to Fortune 500 companies and quickly became a valuable asset for these corporations.

Her caring personality makes her a called upon request by customers. She looks out for our customers needs like no other. 

For Years, Nicole has been successfully booking guests for Radio and Television appearances. She is the foremost expert as a booking agent with a near 100% success ratio.


Jason Dowd has over 9 years working in the music field. He worked the "Monster Energy" stage on Cruefest 2 for the supporting bands. In 2010 to 2012 he helped produce and promote "The Rose Hollywood Report". In 2013 he became the producer and occasional co-host of the hit variety talk show "Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is".

Since 2003 Jason created a variety of music videos including several for 16 Second Stare, "Shake the Cage" for Holes and Hearts and "A New Way to Fly" for CP Kelley. Jason enjoys music from all era's of music. If you looked at his iPod you would be amazed with the variety of styles he has... you'd find Glen Miller to Megadeath. Jason has years of experience working with audio and video and he brings his expertise to AMFM247.




Robert Dowd has extensive experience in financial forecasting and investment management. He was a regional financial consultant with Blythe Eastman Dillon and Paine Webber. Bob was the first to bring Deferred annuities to wall street, and the Author of the split annuity. He founded Financial Design Inc, and grew the company to 38 million under management.

Mr Dowd was written up as one of the top 200 financial advisors in the country by Money magazine.

He is a nationally recognized expert in his field , and has been called upon by radio and syndicated talk shows to explain new tax laws and there impact on the investment community.




















Origin of Public Relations

test "When I came back to the United States from the war, I decided that if you could use propaganda for war, you could certainly use it for peace. Propaganda got to be a bad word because of the Germans using it, so what I did was to try to find some other words. We found the words Counsel on Public Relations"

by: Edward Bernays, the self-appointed "Father" of Public Relations

Purpose of Public Relations

Public relations has a point and purpose which are to sway people to do what you want. It’s that fundamental.

It is to influence specific decision makers to do what you want them to do.

Public Relations Trends

Advertising dollars in traditional media productions have declined and many traditional media outlets are seeing declining circulation in favor of online and social media news sources.

Increasingly, companies are utilizing social media channels, such as blogs and Microblogging. Social media has increased the speed of breaking news, creating greater time constraints on responses to current events.